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Brega Transport Corp. has announced that it will be hosting a food drive to support the local non-profit People to People located in Nanuet, NY. With over 350 employees, Brega Transport Corp. expects to provide over one thousand pounds of food to the food pantry along with a sizeable monetary contribution.

Brega Transport is not working alone to provide the much needed support to People to People. Many of Brega's business partners have stepped up and made either food donations or monetary contributions. These donations will be presented to the Board of Directors at People to People. Some of the partners participating include (Partners In Safety, Vista Electric, AutoPro LLC, Goosetown Communications, Rockland Auto Repair, Sonoma Grill Restaurant and Bar, Compufit, The Ducey Agency Inc. Schloss and Schloss Attorneys at Law).

Another major contributor to the food drive is SMART UTU Local 1705. Local 1705 represents the transit drivers employed by Brega Transport Corp. The Union General Chairperson Tommy Bruce stated, “When the company approached us about the idea of the food drive the only question we had was, 'How can we help?' The services we provide to the County are community driven and it is our pleasure to help support the company with this great cause”.

The plan is to fill up Brega Transport buses with the food collected, and deliver the donations to People to People on Monday, November 23rd at 11AM. At such time monetary donations will also be presented to the Board of Directors.

Brega Transport's Chief Operations Officer Vincent Marzella said, “As a growing member of the Rockland County business community we have the privilege to work with some great local businesses here in Rockland. This presents us with a great opportunity to pool resources together and contribute to a great cause”.